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to the RV Salvage maintenance program. To assist you in minimizing any potential problems with your recreational vehicle, please check this list of maintenance items regularly. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help you keep your RV in good shape.

RV Care Tips
Tire Pressure: Check spring and fall and before any long trip. (Don't forget the spare!)

Doors and baggage compartment locks and latches:

Lube with Silicone, WD-40 or Graphite - spring and fall.
Wheel Bearings: Check and pack with grease every 2 years or 6,000 miles.

Refrigerator Vents: Remove lower vent panel and look to see if upper vent is open & free of obstructions (remove any birds' nests etc) each spring and fall.

Holding tanks: Empty and flush out both tanks on a regular basis. Use only RV type toilet tissue and approved chemicals to prevent corrosion of sensors or odors from tanks.

Water System: Empty and winterize using RV Antifreeze before winter. To freshen the taste of your water, mix 4 oz. of baking soda into your fresh water tank while you drive. Removes odors and taste. Flush and drain system when you get home.

Roof Vents & Seams: Check and clean roof and all seals and joints for weathering, cracking, and shrinking in the spring and fall. Use mild detergent only on rubber roofs, no solvents or abrasives. Touch up seals if needed, using sealants recommended by our Service Department.

Exterior: Wash regularly with car wash or RV cleaners. Waxing is recommended, but not required. Hilltop's RV Perma Plate exterior finish protectant will protect your new RV's finish without any re-application for at least 4 years, guaranteed. Paint frame with anti-rust paint as needed.

Windows: Spring and Fall, check seals around all windows for any signs of leaks. Use clear or white 100"/0 silicone sealant.

Bath & Plastic Fixtures: Clean regularly with non-abrasive cleanser.

Awning: Clean fabric with mild detergent as needed. Lubricate hardware with silicone or WD-40. Spray slides/arm with silicone. Lower one end of awning during rain to prevent collapse.

Water Heater: Drain water in fall and bypass. Replace anode annually or as needed.

Power Converter: Vacuum out and lube fan annually. More often if needed.

Slide out Rooms: Lube mechanism annually and check seals and gaskets including top of slide room. Remove twigs and leaves from roof prior to closing for winter/storage.

Break-Away Switch: Safety check annually by removing pin while 12V battery is installed to see if brakes lock up.

12 Volt Battery: Check water level monthly during use. Fully charge before winter. Proper battery charge will help power converter and other RV systems, such as slide rooms, to function properly.
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